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Feb 8, 2013 6:00pm EST
noted the location of the base months ago. the times of london mentioned it in july 2011 while fox news notification and an online article before broadening the language to say "arabian peninsula." adrian chen wrote -- a hunt is underway in southern california for former police officer accused of killing three people and launching a targeted offensive against the l.a. police department. christopher dorner, a former navy reserve lieutenant, posted a lengthy manifesto on facebook vowing "unconventional and asymmetrical warfare to those in lapd uniform." the l.a. police chief described the suspect on thursday. >> of course he knows what he is doing. we trained him read it he was also a member of the armed forces. it is extremely worrisome and scary, especially to the police officers involved. >> christopher dorner was fired from the lapd in 2008 for making false statements after he complained that his training officer had kicked a mentally 0 suspect in the course of an arrest. testimony by the suspect's father supported dorner's claim. over the weekend, dorner allegedly shot dead moni
Feb 5, 2013 6:00pm EST
up in the ecuadorean embassy in london fighting extradition to sweden. in a ceremony at the museum of modern art, artist and activist yoko ono paid tribute to julian assange. >> this 2013 courage award for the arts is presented to julian assange. with your courage, the truth was revealed to us. thank you. it gave us wisdom and power to heal the world. on behalf of the suffering world, i thank you. thank you. >> that was yoko ono giving an award to julian assange in absentia. jacob appelbaum, could you comment? >> you were there. >> i think the julian assange is a hero. he is a personal friend of mine and i think people should support him. i believe that award from yoko ono is quite an honor and i'm really happy to see some many people supporting julian and i helped the british government will grant him safe passage to ecuador, as he is effectively a political prisoner. >> at the museum of modern art, the ecuadorean foreign minister was also there to honor julian assange, as was daniel ellsberg, who is in our studio as well. a lawsuit challenging a controversial statute that gives t
Feb 15, 2013 8:00am PST
around the world to say no to war. the bbc said the protests of london was the largest in the capital's political history. protest sites included australia, johannesburg, syria, tokyo, bangladesh, hong kong, puerto rico, brazil, even the south pole. at least half a million rallied in new york city alone 10 years ago. the u.s.-led invasion of iraq would begin just over a month later. and those are some of the headlines. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman with juan gonzalez. >> welcome to all our listeners and viewers from around the country and around the world. medical examiners in california say they have positively identified the body of former los angeles police officer christopher dorner, the man authorities say killed four people over the past two weeks in a campaign of terror against the lapd. dorner's body was found in the burned out ruins of a california mountain cabin, ending the most extensive manhunt in california's history. dorner was chased into the cabin on tuesday afternoon and it's a massive gun battle in which one san b
Feb 1, 2013 6:00pm EST
embassy in london in a bid to avoid extradition to sweden and ultimately, he says, to the united states. and an opponent of the keystone xl pipeline has been arrested after interrupting a pipeline industry conference by chaining himself to the sound equipment. ramsey sprague disrupted a speech by tom hamilton, the manager of quality and compliance for transcanada's controversial pipeline, during a conference in texas. he railed against the pipeline for several minutes as a security official tried to stop him. >> keystone xl will be a massive failure. proof positive the wells are [indiscernible] photographic and video evidence the wells are inadequate. >> with great respect, sir -- we understand you're here to make your point. how do we get you off of here? >> i don't have a key. >> that is a crying shame. will you be quiet will he finishes his speech and we will dissembled cutters? >> ramsey sprague continued to decry transcanada's plan to build a pipeline carrying tar sands crude from canada to texas for several minutes as officials were unable to remove him. >> we apologize. we will p
Feb 14, 2013 6:00pm EST
- renowned sitar player ravi shankar. >> i am anoushka shankar from india, living in london but when i was in high school in the u.s., and helped run a feminism club along with friends. the adults used to laugh and find it quite cute. a few years later in my early 20s, i look back and 19 itself thinking the -- look back at my team itself thinking i knehad bn quite me. i think it was the girl in my twenties that was naive. there's nothing to buy what is going on in the world. what is now leave is wanting to change it. as a child, i suffered sexual and emotional abuse for several years at the hands of a man my parents trusted implicitly. growing up, like most women i know, i suffered various forms of groping, touching, verbal abuse and other things i did not know how to deal with, did not know i could change. as a woman, i find i'm frequently living in fear. afraid to walk alone at night, afraid to answer a man who asks for the time, afraid i'm going to be judged or treated in ways based on the way i might choose to dress or the make that i might choose to wear. enough is enough. i am
Feb 12, 2013 6:00pm EST
the london school of economics with the future leader of kenya, one of her classmates, as for a number of future leaders. she talked about the influence peaking her interest in africa and the complexity of africa as a continent, and the very specific culture of southern and east african or central africa. so she traveled to africa in 1936 to do her anthropological work in part because she disagreed with some of the racist comments she found among her classmates, and some of her professors at college. she wrote of the connectedness between african-americans and africans and said, europeans have the old country in sub- saharan africa, even though it is not a country, it is our old country -- plural old coutnries. the >> you read about her connectedness to africa and africans, her commitment to african freedom and release speaking out against the racist futrell of africa, it extended beyond the african continent as well. there are similar quotes where she talks about her connectedness to world political family of colored people, people of color, all of the world. this was a moment
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)